Introduction of LED high bay light
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Introduction of LED high bay light

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Generally used in large-scale lighting places such as factories, workshops, warehouses, shopping malls, stadiums, etc., we are all called LED high bay lights. So, what kind of lighting is the LED high bay light? From the original fire to the various lighting fixtures, humans have never stopped pursuing light. The emergence of electric lights has changed the social model of mankind. For example: in production, humans started working at sunrise and resting at sunset, and now there are three shifts every day in major factories, and the production time has greatly increased. And here, LED high bay lights are the hub and are indispensable in production. The definition of LED high bay lights on Baidu Encyclopedia is the general term for lamps used in the production homework areas of factories, warehouses, and high-bays. LED high bay lights can be subdivided according to their bright functions: general lighting and local lighting;

Here is the content list:

l Classification of LED high bay lights.

l Advantages of LED high bay lights.

l How to choose LED high bay lights?

Classification of LED high bay lights

According to the function of LED high bay lights, it can be divided into general lighting and local lighting.

1. General lighting

The general LED high bay lights are usually evenly arranged on the top or sidewalls of the worksite. The LED high bay lights illuminate the entire working surface. It is necessary to use high-power incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps, or more fluorescent lamps, of course, as well as more energy-saving high-power, LED high bay lights, etc., most of the LED high bay lights to belong to this category. General lighting lamps have higher requirements for light distribution, and two types of light distribution, direct lighting, and semi-direct lighting are widely used, especially the latter. In the semi-direct lighting type, a part of the upward light illuminates the ceiling, which can increase the brightness of the ceiling and create a more comfortable and brighter environment.

2. Local lighting

Local lighting is a kind of LED high bay light that improves the illuminance of a certain working part. Its function can be to strengthen and supplement the lighting on the basis of general lighting, or it can be used as temporary lighting in some places that do not need lighting at ordinary times (such as equipment maintenance and maintenance places). Most of their light distribution is not strictly regulated. Local lighting is usually installed near the work area, using incandescent lamps and tungsten halogen lamps with safety extra-low voltage (≤50V, AC effective value) as the light source. There are (hand-held) running lights, hanging lights, work desk lights, machine tool work lights, etc. In some tall factories, spotlights are sometimes used for local lighting.

Advantages of LED high bay lights

LED high bay lights to have low power consumption, high color rendering index, strong earthquake resistance, long service life, and environmental protection. It is the best choice for industrial plants, gas stations, and other places. At the same time, it is also a relatively safe lamp. The stability of LED high bay lights is relatively high, with a long life of 25,000 to 50,000 hours, which is more than 10 times longer than that of traditional light sources; it is environmentally friendly and has no pollution, no heat radiation, no harm to eyes and skin; good color rendering, The presentation of the actual color is more real. LED high bay lights can not only be used in industrial plants, but also suitable for basketball courts, gas stations, toll stations, and other places. It is a very good lighting fixture.

How to choose LED high bay lights

Market standard power 50w, 100w, 150w, 200w

1. Look at the configuration first. The configuration affects the quality of the product. Generally, the bulb and power supply are asked. A good bulb with a good power supply can make the LED high bay light run stably for a long time.

2. Looking at the power again, there are often manufacturers on the market with 80W virtual standard 100W or even 150W LED high bay lights, which of course cannot be seen by new buyers, but the actual power can be seen as long as it is connected through an electric energy meter. The virtual standard power directly leads to insufficient illuminance of the LED high bay light, which will actually affect the work of the workers in the factory below. Obviously, this problem can be avoided by choosing an LED high bay light of a reliable lighting brand.

3. Look at the material and type of the radiator. Generally speaking, the higher the purity of the aluminum material, the larger the area of the heat sink, the better the heat dissipation effect. LED high bay lights with poor heat dissipation will generate high temperatures within a few hours of operation, and the undissipated heat will continue to affect other accessories such as lamp beads.

Brief summary

After the previous introduction, did you have a better understanding of the selection of LED high bay lights? Please visit our company's website to select the LED high bay light that meets your requirements.

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