LED Tri-proof Light
What Are Led Tri-Proof Lights
The tri-proof light refers to the three-proof: waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion. Special anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials and silica gel sealing ring are used to achieve the protection requirements of lamps.
Different Types Of Led Tri-Proof Lights

High-efficiency mirror tri-proof light

Features:With high-efficiency gas discharge as the light source, the high-efficiency mirror tri-proof light usually have long life.
Advantage: The light projection is uniform and soft, very energy-saving. The overall temperature rise of the lamp is stable, and the heat dissipation is good, which can reduce the probability of failure. 
Application: The high-efficiency mirror tri-proof lamp meets the high-efficiency lighting needs of railways, electric power, metallurgy, and various factories, stations, large facilities, venues and other places.

Anti-glare Tri-proof Light

Features:Anti-glare function,The light is uniform and soft, no glare, no ghosting, which effectively avoids the discomfort and fatigue of the construction workers. 
Advantage: Light efficiency and energy saving, It can be used for a long time in harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity and various corrosiveness.
Application: Anti-glare tri-proof lights are very suitable for use in dark or other places with poor light conditions, such as power plants, stadiums, parking lots, basements, etc.
The Safety Of Led Tri-Proof Lights

LED’s body is consisted with a semiconductor chip, and whole chip can be encapsulated by epoxy resign. Tri-proof light is made of special materials waterproof, dustproof and Anti-corrosion materials.The lamp is waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion to circuit control board.  Its connector treated by insulation ensure safety of the line and the lamp’s surface can be moisture-proof and anti-corrosive. Prevent the lamp inside have enter the dust and moisture.


The Application Of Led Tri-Proof Lights
The Tri-proof light is a kind of professional industrial light, Which is generally used in places where are more corrosive, dusty, and rainy, and the industrial lighting needs more special functions, powerful light effect and longer work life, such as: power plants, steel, petrochemicals, ships, venues, parking lots, basements, warehouse, mine etc.

Professional Led Tri-Proof Lights Manufacturers
LED Tri-proof Lights using waterproof,dustproof,anti-corrosion materials made and company have get CE,CB,CCC,SAA,ENEC and other international quality system certification and product certification.Our company all products have after repeated tests and before shipping have 100% aging test in the producing department.
Company have a number of high quality research and development team and have own laboratory and producing workshop. Such as injection workshop,assembly workshop,EMC laboratory ,ERP laboratory etc. Meantime our company have get WTDP accredited by Germany Dekai Quality Certification Company.
Information About Led Tri-Proof Lights

  • What kinds of place can I use the LED Tri-proof light?

    Many industrial work place, such as power plants, steel, petrochemicals, ships, venues, parking lots, basements, warehouse, mine.
  • How to proceed an order for led Tri-proof light?

    Firstly let us know your requirements or application.Secondly We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order. Fourthly We arrange the production.
  • How long is the work life of the tri-proof light ?

    50,000 hours.
  • How many ways to install LED Tri-proof light?

    There are two ways to install LED tri-proof lights. They are ceiling installation and suspension installation. 
  • What’s meaning of tri-proof light?

     The light which have waterproof dustproof and anti-corrosive functions.
Top Led Tri-Proof Lights
YL19 is a kind of lights in wide range of application. Stable structure, the integration of module, together with pure aluminum housing and high quality PC diffuser solidifies the structure of the whole luminaire.
ALU, made of aluminum die-casted for the housing, is a kind of tri-proof LED lights. All the components are designed according to the strict standards. Hexagon screws are used for locking the lamp cover. Dual-row LED chips scheme is used for better lighting performance. The LED module is fitted by sliding, do it is convenient for maintenance.
IP65 Extrusion integration of housing and diffuser, 120lm/W or 130lm/W with CCT change or power adjustment for option.
YL16 is a simply and attractive tri-proof linear light. High quality PMMA diffuser for environments such as farms and pastures. Reforced GRP body, acid and alkali resistant anti corrosion, durable in rough ambient. Prismatic design diffuser, which makes the lamp looks more beautiful and have better optical properties. IP65 125-135 led module waterproof luminaire, high performance corrosion resistant IP65 proof range. Made from materials selected to withstand aggressive atmospheres laden with salts, acids and mineral oils. Anti-corrosion, corrosion force is constructed from material that make it suitable for locations that are exposed are exposed to liquids or atmosphrers that contain potentially corrosive chemicals. Application scene, typical areas include food processing areas or milk dairies but also in areas where specialised cleaning agents are used. We have 5 years warranty.
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