How to use the UFO light?
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How to use the UFO light?

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I don't know if you know what UFO lights are. Do you know how to use UFO lights? Simply put, UFO lights are lights with the same appearance as UFO spacecraft. Since they are lights, they must be used for lighting. Its specific use includes lighting, installation, maintenance, cleaning, etc. I wonder if you know it? If you don't know it, just follow me down! The following article will introduce you in detail: how to use UFO light.


Here is the list:

l How to install UFO light

l How to maintain and clean UFO light

l How does UFO light replace the bulb

l Precautions for installing UFO light

l How to choose UFO light


How to install UFO light

The first thing to do to install a UFO light is to determine the installation location of the UFO light. In the bedroom, considering the effect of mosquito nets and light on sleep, try not to install a UFO light directly above the bed.


When installing, you need to choose a brick wall or ceiling that can withstand the weight of the UFO light for installation. Try not to choose a wooden wall, so as to avoid the aging of the wooden wall for a long time, the installed UFO light may fall.


Here are the installation steps:

The first step is to remove the UFO light mask. Under normal circumstances, there are two fixed ways of rotating and snapping the UFO light mask. When disassembling, pay attention to the different fixing methods and the direction of rotation to avoid damage to the UFO light, after removing the UFO light mask, remove the glass lamp tube inside the UFO light way to prevent the lamp tube from being broken when installing the UFO light.


Step 2: Put the base of the UFO light at the predetermined installation position, and mark the wall position of the base with a pencil, then take the base, drill at the marked position with an electric drill, and then install the fixing base in the hole expansion bolts. Special attention should be paid here to the diameter of the hole and the depth of the embedment to be consistent with the bolt specifications. Then put the base of the UFO light back to the predetermined position and fix it.


Step 3: After fixing the base of the UFO light, you can connect the power cord to the terminal block of the UFO light. It should be noted here that there are two wire ends connected to the UFO light power cord. The electrical contact should be good, and they must be wrapped with black tape and kept at a certain distance. If possible, try not to put the two wire ends. Under the same piece of metal, so as to avoid short circuit and danger.


Step 4: After connecting the UFO light wire, you can try to power it on. If everything is normal, you can turn off the power and install the UFO light mask.



How to maintain and clean UFO light

The UFO light is a circular ceiling lamp with a lampshade. Therefore, after installation, the bulb has no contact with the outside world, and dust will only fall on the outside of the lampshade.

Generally speaking, if the brightness of the lighting does not affect the need, it does not need to be cleaned every day, just a simple wipe with a wet cloth every month or every quarter.

It should be noted here that do not use a rag that is too wet and wipe it with the power off to prevent the risk of electric shock.


Not to mention the daily maintenance. The energy-saving UFO light itself consumes very low electricity, so you don’t need to worry too much about wasting electricity, but every light bulb is life-span, turn off the light before going to bed at night, and turn it on off before going out. Lights, people go out, these good habits not only protect the life of the bulb but also contribute to the environmental protection of the earth.

In addition, we also provide LED Ceiling Light, LED Panel Light and other products.



How does UFO light replace the bulb?

If you find that your UFO light is not so bright and you want to replace the bulb, you need to turn off the main switch before replacing the round UFO light bulb. This is the first step to prevent replacing the bulb. If you need light at night, you can use another flashlight to provide lighting when changing the bulb.


Then you can change the bulb boldly and assuredly. First of all, you have to know whether your UFO light shade is rotating or snapping. Take the rotating UFO light shade as an example: gently rotate the lampshade, and you will find that there are three snaps. The lampshade can be taken off by pressing the buckle lightly. Note that while rotating and pressing the buckle, you must use the other hand to hold the lampshade to prevent the lampshade from suddenly falling and braking without the support of the buckle.


After removing the lamp cover, turn the UFO light bulb counterclockwise until the bulb is removed, and then rotate the new UFO light bulb clockwise to install it.

Pay attention to your own safety when changing UFO lights and avoid falling from high altitude.



Precautions for installing UFO light

1. Before installing the UFO light, be sure to confirm whether the power is off. If possible, you can use an electric pen to check whether the wires reserved at the place where you need to install have electricity, safety first.


2. There are two wire ends connected to the UFO light power inlet. To maintain good electrical contact, it is best to wrap them with black tape and keep a certain distance. Try not to put the two wire ends under the same piece of metal to avoid a short circuit, dangerous.


3. If a screw lamp cap is used in UFO light, the phase line should be on the center contact terminal when wiring and the neutral line should be connected to the threaded terminal; and pay attention to whether the insulating shell of the lamp cap is damaged or leaking to prevent replacement of the bulb. 


4. If the house is of masonry structure, when installing UFO light, pre-embedded bolts must be used, and wooden wedges must not be used. Ensure that the carrying capacity of the fixed parts matches the weight of the UFO light, and can extend its service life.



How to choose UFO light

UFO light is widely used. You can install UFO light in the living room, kitchen, corridor, bathroom, even room, and study, but do you know how to choose UFO light?


First, UFO light purchase size, UFO light has different sizes, when we buy, we mainly consider the size of the space used. Generally speaking, if the bedroom area is less than 10 square meters, it is recommended to use a UFO light with a diameter of 45 cm or less; a bedroom with a diameter of about 20 square meters should choose a ceiling light with a diameter of about 60 cm; if the bedroom size is 20 square meters, UFO light The diameter should be around 80 cm.

Second, UFO light purchasing skills


Consider the different sizes first

When installing, you need to purchase a suitable size according to the size of the space used. If you buy too much, it will look a bit noisy. If it is too small, it will appear very uncoordinated. If you install a circular ceiling lamp in the bedroom or living room, its size is 37*37cm and 50*50cm. The quotation ranges from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan. If you install a customized UFO light, the price will be more expensive.


Then consider different designs

It is important to consider whether its style and pattern can be coordinated with the overall space. The price of round ceiling lamps of different styles and sizes is also different.

Finally, consider the number of purchases. When you buy, you need to be very clear about how much UFO light you need. Don't wait until you buy and install it to find that it is not enough. In addition, when we buy UFO light, we can see its brand, diverse styles, good quality, and safe and reliable use.


At night, light is needed whether it is indoors or outdoors. Outdoor lights can guide you home, while indoor lights are waiting for you to go home. A good UFO light plays a very important role in creating a family atmosphere and safety of eyesight. The above is about the purchasing skills of UFO light, I hope it can be helpful to you.



Brief summary

After reading the above introduction, I believe you must have a deeper understanding of UFO light! I believe you already know how to use UFO light. If you already have a UFO light you like, you can log in to our company's official website to place an order to add light to your home.



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