what is UFO light?
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what is UFO light?

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What is a UFO light? Is it a UFO? Or is it a lamp? It is not. UFO lights are made of UFO-like circular ceiling lights, which can also be said to be wall lights or ceiling lights. If you are involved in the decoration of your home, you may find that UFO lights may be used in your bedroom, kitchen, or study room. Let me introduce UFO lights in detail below.

Here is the list:

l Types of UFO lights

l What are the sizes of UFO lights?

l What scenarios can UFO lights be used for?

l Wider use of UFO lights.

Types of UFO lights

The first category is the SBH series of LED wall lights. This series of UFO lights is not a standard circle, but a rectangle with rounded corners. The lampshade type is Opal, which is a PC material and has the advantages of high impact resistance and waterproofing. There are three models of UFO lights in this series, namely SBH-14W, RBH-14W-W, and RBH-7W-H. This model of UFO lights can be equipped with sensors and emergency functions and is suitable for indoor corridors, underground parking lots, and warehouses.

The second type is the RBH series of LED wall lights. The UFO lights of this series are completely round and have four pillars, making it look like a UFO spacecraft. This series of lamps have a white or black shell frame to choose from. There is also a special lampshade that has a lampshade similar to Tai Chi, half of which is white and the other half is black. This design makes this UFO lamp emits different lighting effects when being used.

The third type is the EBH series of LED wall lights. There are only two models of UFO lights in this series, namely EBH-7W-W and EBH-7W-H. The total power of these two models is 7W. The lampshade is a milky white round shape. It uses natural silicone gel gaskets to ensure waterproof and dustproof. It can be quickly wired and installed on the ceiling or wall, which is convenient and quick.

What are the sizes of UFO lights?

The size of the UFO lamp is not much, 290×200×95. There are two types of installation distances of this size: W178 and L268. The sizes of SBH series LED wall lights and RBH series LED wall lights are 288×288×88 and Φ301×95. The installation distances of these two sizes are Φ268 and Φ281 respectively.

Although there are not many sizes of UFO lights, each size is very practical, can provide maximum lighting, save space and electricity, and can also provide dark basement or indoor lighting needs. Generally speaking, a small underground garage of 20 square meters only needs to install two to three UFO lights.

What scenarios can UFO lights be used for?

UFO lights are round wall lights and ceiling lights. They are used in a wide range of scenes. They are used as indoor lighting in the family. When installed in the kitchen, the light will be better. When installed in the living room, you can turn on the UFO lights to provide warmth at the beginning of the evening. The lighting can also be yellow or white according to different needs. It is installed in the corridor to provide lighting for the toilet at night. It is also a good choice to install in the bedroom and read a book before going to bed. It is also common in factories or company offices; underground parking lots You can also see the use of UFO lights, which can save energy and provide maximum lighting.

Wider application of UFO lights

Because of the shape of the UFO light, the size of the strong applicability, and the different lighting capabilities to meet different needs, UFO lights can be used more widely than indoor installations. People can also see UFO lights being used on outdoor balconies. UFO lights can be seen on the walls, installed in RVs, park pavilions, riverside trails, open-air taverns, etc.


Did the above article give you a certain understanding of UFO lights?If your house is being renovated or you need new lighting in your office, you can consider UFO lights, which are not only beautiful but also have strong lighting capabilities. If you want to know more detailed information about UFO lights, you can log in to our company's official website, or you can directly choose your favorite product online purchase on our website, and we will express it to your home.


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