What is the difference between the LED Ceiling lights and the normal daylight lights
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What is the difference between the LED Ceiling lights and the normal daylight lights

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LED Ceiling lights to use a special process and technology packaging of the LED light source, light and brighter (about 100-120LM). Because of its good heat transfer effect, the LED light source has less attenuation, longer service life, higher safety performance, both environmental protection and efficiency, and energy-saving. What is the difference between the LED Ceiling lights and the normal daylight lights?

Here is the content list:

•Ordinary daylight lamp

•LED Ceiling light

•LED Ceiling light and normal daylight lamp comparison

Ordinary daylight lamp

There is a filament at both ends of the fluorescent lamp, filled with trace argon and thin mercury vapor, the inner wall of the fluorescent tube is coated with fluorescent powder, and the gas conductivity between the two filaments emits ultraviolet light, making the fluorescent powder emit soft visible light.

Features of the solar lamp: a high voltage is required when the lamp starts to ignite, and only a small current is allowed during normal lighting when the voltage at both ends of the lamp is lower than the supply voltage.

LED Ceiling light

LED Ceiling light with high quality, durability, energy-saving as the main characteristics, a large projection angle adjustment range, 15W brightness is equivalent to the ordinary 40W solar lamp. Anti-high temperature, moisture-proof, and leakage. Use voltage is 110V,220V, glass, or PC. The lamp head is like the normal daylight lamp.

LED Ceiling light adopts the latest LED light source technology, digital appearance design, power saving up to 70%, 12W LED solar light strength equivalent to 40W solar tube (for ballasts and initiators, 36W solar light consumes 42 to 44W). LED Ceiling light 's life is more than 10 times that of ordinary lamps, almost maintenance-free, does not need to often replace the lamps, ballast, and opener. Green environmental protection semiconductor electric light source, soft light, pure spectrum, is conducive to the user's vision protection and health. The cold light source of 6000K gives people a visual cool feeling and humanized illumination difference design, which is more conducive to concentrate the spirit and improve the efficiency.

LED Ceiling light and normal daylight lamp comparison

The LED Ceiling light is more energy-efficient and longer-lived. Good applicability, because the size of a small LED, can be made into any shape, short response time, is ns(nanosecond) level response time, and the ordinary lamp is ms(millisecond) level response time. Environmental protection, no harmful metals, waste is easy to recycle. The color is gorgeous, the luminous color is pure, the spectrum range is narrow, and can pass red green blue three base colors mixed with color or white light.

LED Ceiling light is an electrically electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, cured to the bracket with silver or white glue, then connects the chip and circuit board with silver or gold wire, sealed with epoxy resin to protect the internal core wire, and finally, the shell is installed, so the LED Ceiling light's seismic performance is good. Cixi Yuanhui Lighting Electric Co., Ltd.many tests of LED Ceiling light,and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need LED Ceiling light, you can consider our cost-effective products. Cixi Yuanhui Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.


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