What are the benefits of the LED UFO light?
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What are the benefits of the LED UFO light?

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For a home, lights not only provide lighting but also bring out the warmth of the family. During decoration, lighting is also an important factor that can affect the decoration style, family atmosphere, and overall effect. There are many different types of lights that provide lighting, so what are the special benefits of LED UFO light? Is your house also LED UFO light? Have you seen LED UFO light? The following article will introduce you to its various advantages.

Here is the list:

  • Advantages of LED UFO light shell

  • LED UFO light can adjust brightness and color temperature

  • LED UFO light saves power

  • LED UFO light is easy to install

Advantages of LED UFO light housing

The lampshades and bases of the LED UFO light produced by our company have a one-to-one correspondence with the same specifications. The lampshades and bases of the same model are sealed tightly, which can provide a closed environment for the LED UFO light, even in the park or gas station. Don’t be afraid that insects will lay eggs and build nests in the lampshade, to ensure the normal use of the lamp and the brightness of the light, and also improve the service life of the lamp to a certain extent; the closed environment also makes our company’s lamp waterproof and dustproof Advantages, the waterproof level is IP66, which not only reduces the contact between the bulb and the air but also prevents the risk of leakage and damage to the LED UFO light used outdoors from being wetted by rainwater.

Our company’s LED UFO light has three series, all of which use Opal model lampshades. This model lampshade is milky white. Different models have different light fluxes such as 520, 550, 1100. This model and color lampshade has the advantage of being hard. It can well avoid the possibility of crashing or cracking during transportation; it also has the advantage of lightness, which is convenient for direct transportation from the place of delivery to the buyer’s address, and it is also easy to install and use. Don’t worry about it because of too much It is too heavy to install on its own, and there is no need to worry about being too heavy to install on the ceiling, or easy to fall; and the milky white lampshade makes the light emitted through the lampshade softer, which is suitable for creating a warm atmosphere. It is a very good choice to use in the family living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or corridor. It is very practical; the classic and versatile round lampshade has a very natural curvature to ensure the natural penetration of the light source. At the same time, it also gives great appreciation, no matter what kind of decoration style, it can be well matched, and there will be no sense of disobedience.

LED UFO light can adjust brightness and color temperature

Different from the traditional UFO light, our company’s LED UFO light has the advantages of adjusting different brightness and different color temperature. The color temperature is 3000K, 4000K, and 6500K. The number of lamp beads is also 48PCS and 96PCS. The color temperature is 3000K. It is a cool white light, which is very suitable for the kitchen and living room. It can be used with 48PCS lamp beads and 3000K-4000K adjustment. It is very suitable for banquets or watching TV in the living room of a family. The 6500K with 48PCS LED UFO light is often used in the corridor, study, or bedroom to create a warm atmosphere. The soft light will not hurt the eyes when going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or in the study. The warmer yellow light is not only warm but also protects the eyes of people who read books, often use computers, or use high eye intensity. The warm and dim light in the bedroom can also provide a romantic atmosphere for the newlyweds. Before going to bed, it is also pleasant to sit at the bedside and read a book under such a warm light, and the soft light will not affect the body's fading so that people will feel sleepy during the normal biological clock time, which is beneficial to health.

Adjustable brightness and color temperature also make our company's LED UFO light more practical than other companies' products. For a light, you only need to press the light switch multiple times to adjust the brightness and color temperature, which is suitable for the same one. Different scenes in the environment, such as your dining room and living room are connected together, which is very common in China, then you can turn on the natural light of the lamp when meeting guests and adjust it to the maximum brightness to improve people The enthusiasm of the conversation mobilizes the atmosphere of the party, and when eating, you can adjust the light to become a natural brightness of yellow light with a warmer color temperature. Under such a light, the food will become more delicious and people's appetite will be greatly increased. If you like watching movies at home very much, and you have installed a projector or a large-screen LCD TV at home, then you can adjust this LED UFO light to the yellow light in Hunan, providing an environment like a movie theater, Not only gives you a private space to watch movies, but also saves a lot of money to go to the cinema or private theater.

LED UFO light saves power

With the continuous development of society, the phenomenon of global warming has become more and more significant. Thinking of the year before last in June or July, people would wear short skirts, T-shirts, and shorts, sitting in air-conditioned rooms with watermelons and watching TV series. However, this year is only March, people have already started to use air conditioners, and how many kilowatt-hours of electricity does a light need to be turned on for one night? The answer is one kilowatt-hour. But if it is our company’s LED UFO light, the total power is only 14W, which means that once a kilowatt-hour of electricity can make this light continuously use for a week, is it very power-saving?

LED UFO light is easy to install

Our company’s LED UFO light is composed of a lampshade, a bulb, and a base. The structure is very simple, and the installation is also very easy. You only need a few steps to easily complete the installation of the LED UFO light. The first step is Just to determine the position you want to install, if you don’t mind, you can use a pencil to mark the position lightly below, then mark the expansion screw, and then install the base of the LED UFO light on the expansion screw you fixed Location, the best thing to pay attention to at this time is that you should take out the glass bulb before installation, and then install the bulb after your base is installed, so as to avoid the bulb from falling and braking suddenly. Then the second step is to confirm that your base has been firmly installed and the bulb is installed. At this time, turn on your LED UFO light switch. If the brightness of the bulb is normal and the adjustment is smooth, then you can go to the last step. Install the lampshade, and the installation of an LED UFO light is complete! Is it super simple and convenient? Even if you really know nothing, you can know how to install it at a glance. I believe you and our company's products.

Brief summary

According to the description in the above article, I believe you already know the advantages and benefits of our company’s LED UFO light very well. If you are choosing home lighting equipment, you can consider our company’s product: LED UFO light, which is more than just one Lighting is still an integral part of your home, you will be very satisfied! If you want to see more detailed content, you can visit our official website to browse more related information, or you can directly order our company's products on our official website.

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