What are the advantages of Fluorescent lights
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What are the advantages of Fluorescent lights

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Modern home lighting in addition to incandescent lamps, but also commonly used Fluorescent lights. Fluorescent light is a kind of gas discharge light, compared with thermal radiation-emitting incandescent lamp, has the advantages of high light effect, soft light, pleasant light color, and long life. In particular, the rise of compact Fluorescent lights and the development of replacing incandescent bulbs make Fluorescent lights gradually regarded as the ideal lighting source. What are the advantages of Fluorescent lights?

Here is the content list:

•Can produce a good psychological effect

•High optical efficiency

•High lumen maintenance rate and small light attenuation

•Multiple color temperatures are available for selection

•Low purchase cost

Can produce a good psychological effect

Fluorescent light can produce a good psychological effect is a good psychological effect cold light source without thermal radiation, except the filament and matching ballast have little heat distribution, generally will not bring bad temperature impact to the lighting environment. A room with air conditioners installed is more suitable for Fluorescent lights. The use of cold white Fluorescent lights in summer will give people a cool feeling, and the use of warm white (orange) Fluorescent lights in winter will give people a warm feeling. So the use of Fluorescent lights can bring a comfortable feeling, produce a good psychological effect.

High optical efficiency

The Fluorescent lights have a high light effect of up to 104 lumens/watts. When you need a relatively high environmental illumination, you can choose this more efficient light source.

High lumen maintenance rate and small light attenuation

Assuming that the life accumulation of Fluorescent lights has reached 8000 hours, some good quality Fluorescent lights can maintain more than 90% of optical throughput output, even by 80% of the poor mass. This does neither incandescent nor halogen lights.

Multiple color temperatures are available for selection

Fluorescent lights generally have four common white colors, namely: warm white (3000 k), white (3500 k), cold white (4000 k), sunlight (6500k). These different color temperatures depending on the different colors of phosphors on the tube wall.

Low procurement cost and long life span

Fluorescent lights are generally not expensive and are replacement products that can be bought everywhere. And Fluorescent lights have a very long life, very suitable for home use. Long-life fluorescent lamps live 2000-9500h, while incandescent bulbs last only 1000h. The lifetime of visible Fluorescent lights is 2-9 times longer than that of incandescent lamps. In this way, the long lamp replacement cycle can reduce a lot of trouble.

In addition to the different colors of Fluorescent lights that can decorate the family, the H-shaped, U-shaped, 2D-shaped different tubes and their various lamps and lanterns, can make people's family decorations more beautiful. Fluorescent light lighting has many characteristics, known as the ideal lighting light source is well deserved. Cixi Yuanhui Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. many tests of Fluorescent light,and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need Fluorescent light, you can consider our cost-effective products. Cixi Yuanhui Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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