Introduction of LED-backlit light
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Introduction of LED-backlit light

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The backlight type is divided into two types: CCFL backlight and LED-backlit light. The luminous color and luminous efficiency of LED-backlit lights are related to the materials and processes used to make LEDs. At present, there are three widely used red, green, and blue. Because of the planar light source characteristics of the LED-backlit light, the LED-backlit light can also realize the sub-regional color and chromaticity adjustment function that CCFL cannot match, to achieve more accurate color reproduction to meet the needs of graphic publishing and graphic design work. Let me introduce you to the LED-backlit light? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l What is an LED-backlit light?

l Advantages of an LED-backlit light.

l The life of the LED-backlit light is the life of the LCD TV.

What is an LED-backlit light?

The LED-backlit light is a light source behind the liquid crystal display (LCD). The luminous effect of the LED-backlit light will directly affect the visual effect of the liquid crystal display module (LCM). The liquid crystal display itself does not emit light, it displays graphics or characters as a result of its modulation of light. LED-backlit lights are widely used in touch screens, backlights, LCD/LCM, mobile phones, tablet computers, GPS, solar cells, and other industries.

Advantages of an LED-backlit light.

First, LED-backlit lights have unique advantages such as energy-saving, environmental protection, long life, safety, fast response, small size, rich colors, and controllability. Second, the LED-backlit light has good applicability. Because of the small size of a single LED, it can be made into any shape. Third, the LED-backlit light has a short response time, which is nanosecond response time, while ordinary lamps have a millisecond response time. Fourth, LED-backlit lights are environmentally friendly, free of harmful metals, and waste is easy to recycle. Fifth, the LED-backlit light has brilliant colors, pure light-emitting colors, narrow spectral range, and can be mixed into colorful or white light by mixing the three primary colors of red, green, and blue. Sixth, the LED-backlit light will not turn yellow or dim. The CCFL fluorescent lamp, like the fluorescent lamp, will age after a long period. Therefore, the traditional notebook screen will turn yellow and dim after two or three years, while the life of the LED-backlit light will be much longer. At least two or three times. Seventh, LED-backlit lights are more power-saving. LEDs are a kind of semiconductor that work under low voltage with a simple structure and low power consumption. Eighth, LED-backlit lights are more environmentally friendly.

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The life of the LED-backlit light is the life of the LCD TV.

Due to the extremely low light transmittance of liquid crystal, the brightness of the LED-backlit light must be very high to make the brightness of the LCD TV reach a perfect display screen, so the life of the LED-backlit light is the life of the LCD TV.

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