How does a Fluorescent Light work?
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How does a Fluorescent Light work?

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Advantages of Fluorescent Light. It is cheaper than other lights. The Ballast is quite expensive, but it lasts for long. We have to change the glass tube of the light which is around 60% cheaper than other lights. The light from a Fluorescent bulb does not generate heat as much as an incandescent lamp generates. Fluorescent lights convert more than 20% of the electrical energy to light, which is 10 times more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Furthermore, they generate only about one-third of the heat that an incandescent light bulb generates, significantly reducing the heat production for the same amount of light production. Fluorescent Lamp and Working Principle of Fluorescent Lamp Before going through the working principle of a fluorescent lamp, we will first show the circuit of a fluorescent lamp in other words circuit of tube light. Here we connect one ballast, and one switch and the supply is series as shown. Then we connect the fluorescent tube and a starter across it. When we switch ON the supply, full voltage comes . Fluorescent tubes are typically found in domestic and commercial environments such as kitchens, garages, schools and offices, preferred for their versatile applications and functional design. Longlasting construction ensures a cost effective solution, with fluorescent tube lights generally available in a variety of sizes, cap fittings and lumen options to suit both new and retrofit installations. A current of electricity – also known as the arc – passes through the vapor, resulting in an ultraviolet light. That light then bounces off a phosphor layer on the inside of the lamp, which makes the bulb light up.


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