How do we maintain the Fluorescent lights?
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How do we maintain the Fluorescent lights?

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The Fluorescent light tube is filled with low-pressure argon or argon-neon mixture and mercury vapor, while on the inner surface of the glass fluorescent tube is coated with a coat of phosphorous fluorescent paint with a filament coil made of tungsten at both ends of the tube. How do we maintain the Fluorescent lights?


Here is the content list:

•Notes for use


•Use place


Notes for use

Do not switch on the lights too frequently. Too frequent lighting can lead to premature blackening of both ends of the Fluorescent light tube, affect the output power of the tube, and pay attention to 5-15 minutes to restart the lamp after it is turned off. If the voltage is very low, the poles of the tube will emit tungsten at the beginning of lighting, thus causing many points of pollutants inside the tube, becoming one of the causes of tube damage, so it is recommended to turn on the light as high voltage as possible. The Fluorescent light has more lines, which need auxiliary devices, so it must be used with the corresponding transformer, capacitor, etc., to ensure that the lamp tube starts to the suitable power. Be careful to maintain a ventilated environment, not just to take away the dust, but also to reduce the temperature of the tube to prolong the life of the Fluorescent light tube.



Fluorescent light fever is easy to attract dust. When preparing to clean, turn off the power supply, and then try to make the indoor air circulation. Gently wipe the Fluorescent light tube with a little detergent, and then wipe the cleaner with a clean dry cloth. If conditions permit, an anti-static duster can be used to dust the tube surface, and then wipe the dirt with a dry rag, not too hard. According to the Fluorescent light, clean your hands with a paper towel, do not leave traces on the lamp tube, and usually can also use the surface of the lamp tube with alcohol to keep clean.


Use place

The Fluorescent lights shall be installed in indoor and outdoor places with good ventilation, less dust, no corrosive gas, and combustible and explosive articles. The supply voltage allows to fluctuate in the range of 10% to-20% of the rated voltage, out of range will affect the technical parameters of the point Fluorescent light, and too high voltage may burn the electronic ballast. Different models of Wuji Fluorescent light bulbs can only be used with their matching same-power electronic ballasts. The cable connecting the light bulb shall not be arbitrarily lengthened. For areas such as cold winter in winter or outdoor use, the lamps and lanterns used shall be of a high sealing grade, and it is strictly prohibited to remove the cover of the allocated lamps and lanterns.


The biggest advantage of Fluorescent lights is energy-saving, color rendering can not catch incandescent lamps, but color rendering conforms to daily lighting, its high light effect marks the high energy utilization rate, so the country vigorously develops and policies support them, so that the domestic fluorescent lamp industry is very prosperous, and a large number of products are exported. Cixi Yuanhui Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. many tests of Fluorescent light,and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need Fluorescent light, you can consider our cost-effective products. Cixi Yuanhui Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.


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