Can fluorescent lights be used to grow plants?
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Can fluorescent lights be used to grow plants?

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Fluorescent lights can be used to grow plants because they produce the required brightness that enhance plants growth and make it flourish. Fluorescent lights are energy efficient and have the capacity to shorten plant growth. The concerns of most people is the amount of heat that fluorescent lights produce. However, every light produces heat . Explanation & Diagram IncludedThis principle of the choke is exploited in lighting a fluorescent tube light. When an AC voltage is applied to a tube light fixture, the voltage passes through the choke, the starter, and the filaments of the tube. The filaments light up and instantly warm up the tube. The starter is made up of a discharbe bulb with two electrodes next to it. Sensitivity to Fluorescent Light (and How to Deal With It)The fluorescent fixtures overhead are beaming out their flickering, harsh, and (at least to you) excessively bright light — and here comes trouble. No matter what others believe, your sensitivity to fluorescent light isn’t all in your head. You can feel its effects, and it really does impact your life. Consider what John had to say about . Difference Between T5 and T8 Fluorescent Light BulbsT5 fluorescent lamp is thin and long with a diameter of 16 mm. There are two pins on each end. The distance between the pins is 5 mm. T8 fluorescent lamp is thicker than T5. The diameter of the T8 fluorescent lamp is 26 mm, the distance between the pins at both ends is 13 mm. T5 fluorescent light bulb is a newer technology than T8.


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